Five years after the unexpected death of vibrant ingénue Emily Cole (Fiona Lawson), her brother Jason (Jon Ingbretson) stages an intimate dinner party for those she loved most. In attendance are her faith-driven parents, Claudia (Anita Argent) and Ted (Vonn Scott Bair), her devoted friend Jessica (Roneet Aliza Rahamim) and her ex-boyfriend Jim (Will Johnson).

     Intimate details about Emily’s final days are unveiled as the emotional night wears on, leading the group to a shocking revelation and unforgettable encounter.

• • • • • •

"To some people what love is is fairly obvious, like romantic love... or a family bond, such as the love between a brother and sister. But love can be abused; people can use it as an excuse to do something terrible, citing love as the reason they do what they do,” says co-director Nathan Logan Hanley, “oh, and it’s also just a good old-fashioned mystery.”

The first time I read through the script, I really enjoyed the building of the plot and the characters as it grew into a mystery.  I really enjoyed the messages that the story offered, most importantly that of love: between parents and their children, siblings and young love.” says actor Will Johnson, who portrays Emily’s first and only boyfriend Jim. “The more I digested the dialogue and the situations the more strongly I felt the sadness and the pain that each of these characters endured throughout the story.  In many ways it is a story that anyone could relate to, the message of an individual’s unwillingness to accept another, no matter how close, and in some strange way to justify that intolerance through love.”

     The film is the first feature co-directed and co-written by twins Nathan Logan Hanley and Tyler Hanley.

After Nathan wrote and directed “Rehearsal”(2006) with Tyler as the lead actor, the brothers decided it was well past time they embarked on a joint script and that they both spend their time behind the camera. They sat down and penned out “Table for Six” in a few months.

     “One look at the sides during the audition, and I knew the Hanleys knew what they were doing, and that I had to be a part of that,” says actor Vonn Scott Bair, who portrays Emily’s father Ted.

The story is told in a very compelling way; as the evening moves forward through Jason’s dinner party, the film also flashes back to the days leading up to Emily’s death. While the characters go through their traumatic night of reconciliation and grief, the audience begins to learn what really happened to Emily, leading to a spine tingling conclusion. “We wanted to keep the audience hooked in with both stories, so that they would always be anxiously waiting for the next past or present segment to find out the truth,” says Nathan.

Love is a mystery.